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Affordability, Reliability and High efficiency are cornerstone to SWOT business model and are built in to every product and at every stage starting right from product definition to design & development, manufacturing, product qualification to the specified standards and at servicing the customer. Entire SWOT team is imbibed with these very basic instincts and is proud to make this as part of the life.

Green Energy

SWOT trying to support the Green Energy revolution and bring in more companies and Individuals to use Solar energy for a good cause. Solar Energy is very safe Reliable and sustainable.


Swot Solar water pumping systems can provide you water for irrigation during daylight hours when you need it the most, all round the year. This will be the most economical and reliable method for agriculture. You can also maintain your livestock with fresh water from Swot Solar water pumping system

Forest, Wildlife Sanctuaries

Solar water pumping can be very economical and easier way to refill, clean and maintain swimming pools. Innovative Solar Pump Controller can be connected to a change over switch, where you change the connection to a different motors for a different purpose.

Village, Town, Tree Plantations

In remote villages people spend approximately 1/3rd of their time in managing their water needs. Many villages either they don’t have access to grid power or they are inconsistent. Solar water pumping will be the best solution for their water needs. This will also provide them water for drinking, irrigation, livestock and sanitation.

Renewable energy sources are energy sources that are always being replenished

Renewable Energy often provides energy in four important areas..

Electricity generation, air and water heating/cooling, transportation and rural (off grid) energy services.